Tech Ahead 1987 – 1994

tech ahead tourpic 1

Tech Ahead was a band out of Augsburg, south Germany, playing from 1987 to 1994. Influenced by post-punk, noiserock, industrial metal („it’s like… ministry meets the B’52s“) the group issued 2 LPs „evolve to survive“ (1991) and „certain revenge“ (1992) while the 3rd album „sweet fruit of hate“ (1994) is still to be released. All music is going to be re-released under creative commons attribution noncommercial (cc by nc). Links to the downloads soon to follow.

Tech Ahead was: Fritz Effenberger guitar, voice, lyrics (and drumcomputer programming 1990- 1992), P Häuser (now Petra Bossek) bass, voice, art, and various drummers: We like to thank Uli Bammer (1987-91), Jan Kiwior, Udo Stegherr, Kai Laufen, Rolf Beyer and our trusted Alesis HR-16.

pic above: tech ahead, touring circa ’90. click to zoom.

In summer 1994 the band dissolved peacefully. P pursued her career as an artist, married and is still busy raising two kids. Fritz studied politics, history and american literature, wrote for music fanzines and gaming magazines, how-to-books on filesharing and copying, internet tech in general, joined politics and the german Pirate Party, has a new leisuretime band .execute. Read more of fritz at, and various blogs and mags.

Tech Ahead still has some vinyl to sell. (tba)

Feel free to leave a comment or write an email: techaheadmusic at gmail dot com

tech ahead tourpic 2 f

guitar feedback, the re-occurring zen moment.

tech ahead early promo st

early promo photo, ca 1987, at the local sewage treatment plant.

tech ahead bandbus vw 1

the first of 2 trusted vw vans.

more pics to follow.

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