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Certain Revenge (1992) Re-release

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tech ahead circus gammelsdorf

Die CD-Version der zweiten Tech Ahead LP Certain Revenge enthält die erste LP Evolve To Survive als Bonustracks, allerdings damals neu aufgenommen, mit Alesis Drumcomputer (wie die zweite) statt mit Originaldrummer Uli Bammer wie auf der Vinyl. Hier ist die CD, zum freien Anhören, Downloaden, Weiterverbreiten, Weiterverarbeiten, auf Jamendo. Das heisst, ihr dürft sie legal auf Pirate Bay tun, euer eigenes Video damit unterlegen, Samples rausziehn, auf Youtube stellen, mit eurer Band nachspielen, aber ihr müsst dann immer dazusagen, dass die Musik von Tech Ahead ist (und hierher verlinken), nur eben kein Geld dafür verlangen: cc by sa nc.

This is the free download/stream of „Tech Ahead Certain Revenge“ under creative commons license cc by nc sa on Jamendo.

Tech Ahead 1987 – 1994

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tech ahead tourpic 1

Tech Ahead was a band out of Augsburg, south Germany, playing from 1987 to 1994. Influenced by post-punk, noiserock, industrial metal („it’s like… ministry meets the B’52s“) the group issued 2 LPs „evolve to survive“ (1991) and „certain revenge“ (1992) while the 3rd album „sweet fruit of hate“ (1994) is still to be released. All music is going to be re-released under creative commons attribution noncommercial (cc by nc). Links to the downloads soon to follow.

Tech Ahead was: Fritz Effenberger guitar, voice, lyrics (and drumcomputer programming 1990- 1992), P Häuser (now Petra Bossek) bass, voice, art, and various drummers: We like to thank Uli Bammer (1987-91), Jan Kiwior, Udo Stegherr, Kai Laufen, Rolf Beyer and our trusted Alesis HR-16.

pic above: tech ahead, touring circa ’90. click to zoom.

In summer 1994 the band dissolved peacefully. P pursued her career as an artist, married and is still busy raising two kids. Fritz studied politics, history and american literature, wrote for music fanzines and gaming magazines, how-to-books on filesharing and copying, internet tech in general, joined politics and the german Pirate Party, has a new leisuretime band .execute. Read more of fritz at, and various blogs and mags.

Tech Ahead still has some vinyl to sell. (tba)

Feel free to leave a comment or write an email: techaheadmusic at gmail dot com

tech ahead tourpic 2 f

guitar feedback, the re-occurring zen moment.

tech ahead early promo st

early promo photo, ca 1987, at the local sewage treatment plant.

tech ahead bandbus vw 1

the first of 2 trusted vw vans.

more pics to follow.